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Utility Space

Photo of the outside uility room at My Claybrick Home
Utility Space

For the first time, finally at the ripe old age of half a century, I feel like a grown up as I have a dedicated utility space. With such a large garden I could afford to give up space for an extension on the back of the garage for a utility space and I LOVE IT.

It measures 2.5 metres square and houses the washing machine, dryer and a large integrated fridge and freezer but the reason I love it is that its home to all the kitchen gadgets that only get used a handful of times a year but I keep ‘just in case’.

I have all these gadgets: Ice Cream Maker, Bread Maker, large Breakfast frying pan, multifunctional food processor, the list goes on and on……

I also have a hatred for microwaves, so this also lives in the utility and is used a maximum of twice a week, usually to heat baked beans, cooking peas or make morning poridge.

The Build

With good weather the build was relatively quick once the footings were dug and concete poured. The flat roof across the garage was then extended over the utlity and new guttering, windows and door added. The window provides a great view down the garden.

Internal Space

I chose a simple white shaker kitchen with grey washed effect laminate worktop (and upstand) and geometric lino flooring. As it was all very monochrome I added the fuchsia pink paint rather than tiles on the backspash. For the cost of a small tin of paint this look of the room can be changed in a matter of hours at very low cost.

The small round sink was a last minute addition before the build as plumbing was available. Its great for small laundry jobs (that once in a while hand wash) and messy exterior or DIY jobs.

The floor to ceiling cupboards are great for storage and is shelf is organsied by what I use the most - tefal actifry and the iron. These are my grab and go items at the perfect height.

The fridge/freezer is the back up as I have a large Amercian Style one in the kitchen. Its really a drinks chiller - even the freezer has a bottle of Russian Vodka chilling.

The view from the utility is fab and when I am doing the laundry chores its great to be able to look out onto the garden. I also keep my herbs on the ledge as they get to sun-blasted on my kitchen window sill. They seem to thrive better here.

I have considered a blind for this window but I really don't want to restrict the view.

View of the garden trees from the utility window.
View out of the utility window

In Hindsight

Picture of a bi fold window open and pushed back.
Example of Bi-Fold Window

There are 2 things that I would have done differently in this space - one is more expensive that the other to change and maybe a nice to have: a bi fold window.

With the patio on the outside of this space and the drinks chilling in the fridge the utility could double as an 'open bar' during the summer months. The outside space gets the afternoon sun but also has some shelter so the perfect space.

The wall units in the utility house spare glasses, cocktail shakers, shot glasses plus spare napkins, bamboo bowls and cutlery so would have been an ideal bar space.

The second thing I would have done differently are the handle choices. With so many decisions to make during the full house renovation I think the handles were something I thought about for less than 30 seconds. These are easy enough to change - a total of 11 handles - in a bar style. A few options I am considering:

Black Matt or Brushed Copper from Decor and Decor circa £80 for 11

Matt Black bar from circa £50 for 11.

*Prices taken from websites on 20th September 2020

Final Thought

If you are looking to build an extention to include a dedicated utility space, or you would like help redesigning an existing space please get in touch for a free phone consultation.

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