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Are you struggling for space at home?


Is the layout of your home not working for you and your family?


Would you love more space without the expense of an extension?


Unsure whether to follow the trend for open plan living?

All these questions are overwhelming and once you add into the mix the thousands of pictures on social media of perfect homes, this can set anyone off into a tailspin.

Well, I can help.

You can have a home that maximises the use of the space available. You have taken the first step on your journey just by clicking on this website. You are in safe hands.

Let me tell you a little about me. I’m Vicky, a wife and mum of two gorgeous girls called Jasmine and Jessica. I am a qualified Interior Designer and Sketchup enthusiast. (Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of Sketchup – it’s the design software I use). I live in Essex (UK) but working in a virtual world my clients are from all over.

Prior to becoming an Interior Designer, I worked as a Customer Success Director for many years where my role was 100% focused on showing the value of the services I offered to my clients. Everything I do is with the mindset of bringing you value.  The skills I built in this role, alongside my creative side, make me a great Interior Designer.

I specialise in space planning showing clients how they can get the most from both their existing space, or any additional space being added to a home.  The beauty of these design visuals is that working with a client we are only limited by our imagination to look at how a space can be used. Expensive mistakes engaging architect, builders or other trades before a final plan is in place are avoided.  Of course, a final design will take into account the budget.

Alongside space planning, I also provide digital design boards from one room to a full house. These boards look at how you want your home to not only look but how you want to feel and function in the space.

So, if you are not getting the most from your space then get in touch

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Creating a getaway space


We asked Vicky to help us reconfigure our large lounge with a “getaway space”

She quickly came up with 2D and 3D drawings to help us visualise the new spaces. She suggested best furniture placements and how to incorporate the necessary storage.


Her ideas are great and she had really listened to how we wanted to use the space.

Vicky is fun to work with and makes the process a pleasure.

10 out of 10

Pat H

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire