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Adding an Ensuite to a Bedroom

This month I have had several enquires from clients asking if its possible to add an ensuite to an existing bedroom space. This is a request that ususally comes as a family starts to grow and the children get older.

Sharing a bathroom with toddlers and younger children works - as long as you don't mind bath toys and rubber ducks - but as they grow into teenagers and young adults a personal ensuite space can be a sancturay.

Planning the Space

Before beginnning a project its really important to have clairty on the budget, and if there is any wiggle room. One of the biggest expenses will be the plumbing and sewerage needed. If you have a cloakroom on the floor below, or the family bathroom on the adjoining wall this can be a cost saver.

If you are also looking to add in a bath, its weight when full and empty should be considered, as flooring may need to be strengthened.

Layout Options

When adding an ensuite to a bedroom its important to consider the pros and cons of a number of layouts. For a local client I created 3 layout options which we then discussed before settling the final one for the 3D design.


Each of the options had to inlcude a shower, toilet and sink in the ensuite, with then a king size bed, side tables and plenty of storage for clothes, shoes, bags, etc

All options included a 1200mm x 900mm shower base, so plenty of space to turn around in the shower. There is nothing worse than squeezing yourself into a 600mm square shower cubicle.

To max out the space, I recommended a pocket door be added for access. As stud walls were needed these should be 100mm in depth to house the sliding mechanism for a pocket door.

Note: You should always check the requirements needed to fit an internal pocket door.

Bathroom Design

Using software I then moved the layout into a 3D design, with a fly through video of the space. These video's are standard as part of the Concept Design services I provide.

Included with the video the client also recieves a presentation pack with elevation views, and 3D design views of the space. They can then take these to their preferred builder/plumber, or I can recommend local trades for quotes.

Want to find out more ?

If you are looking to add an ensuite to your space, or just looking for a bathroom refresh, then get i touch for a free chat. I can provide both inhome (Essex area) and online services.

If you'd like to check out more of my design videos pop over to my youtube channel. I am popping new videos up all the time so click on the subscribe link if you'd like to see more of my design work.

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