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5 Reasons why you should hire an Interior Designer

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

First, lets get honest.

I bet you have an image of what an Interior Designer looks like – whether that is all in black or white (trademark dress attire), or a flamboyantly dressed Laurence Llewelyn Bowen. These images might immediately give you the chills when thinking about approaching an Interior designer. You might also be thinking hiring a designer is expensive, those creative types cost a lot of money, and really will not produce a design that you want or will work in your home.

If you are nodding along already then read on because I have written this blog post to help break some of those beliefs and give you the confidence to understand the benefits of hiring a designer.

This is me.

Well, this is me, the face behind My Claybrick Home and my outdoor office (commonly known as the shed) where all the design magic happens. I am an interior designer and styling professional living in Essex with husband, my two grown girls, and our cat Loki.

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So here we go, my Top 5 reasons on why you should hire me as your Interior Designer

No 1

An Interior designer can bring a visual story of your home to life through a customised design

I am often asked – should I build an extension? Should I knock down a wall to create an open plan concept? Can I fit an L shaped sofa into this space? What colour should I paint my walls, to match my grey (insert another colour) carpet/sofa?

As an Interior Designer I look at the whole use of space in the area(s) up for renovation with the client. Often its not about building an extension, its about using the current space better, ensuring the flow is optimal and the furniture placement is serving the needs of the family.

I do this through an initial consultation, a client questionnaire and taking measurements of your space (through COVID clients have been measuring spaces based on guides provided). I put this detail into design software to create a 3D model of you space. I present this to you, as well as provide a digital reference copy.

No 2

An Interior Designer will help you avoid costly mistakes & stay on budget

How often have you started a DIY project only for costs to spiral out of control? This spiral might be unexpected issues that are uncovered during works, or just forgetting to budget in all the items needed – flooring, paint/wallpaper, soft furnishings, décor pieces etc

Have you started a DIY project to then finish the basics of a room, but then not had budget left for styling pieces – pictures, décor items, cushions, lighting?

When working on the detail of the design its vital as an Interior Designer to understand the client’s budget for the project. The budget helps set the expectation on the materials, fabrics and furniture that will be available to be used in the space. By putting together a full plan for a space from building works down to specific décor pieces the client has a clear understanding of where their money will be spent and controls the sign off the money during the project.

During a project I would keep a track of all costs spent and if savings need to be made due to unforeseen circumstances. By planning the full design its easier to then identify where savings could be made.

Example of an high level Planning Budget from the initial design

No 3

An Interior Designer will think creatively about your space considering how you want to feel and function in it.

Interior Design is not just about what colour to paint the walls and where to place the furniture. For me its about understanding how a client uses a space, how they want to feel and function in it.

We all want the dream kitchen with Mum and/or Dad cooking dinner, kids at the breakfast bar doing their homework, pets sleeping in their beds. The reality is that Mum and Dad are bumping into each other in the kitchen while one cooks, and one tries to empty the dishwasher. The kids have spread their schoolwork all over the only real surface for preparing food and are asking constant questions. The dog is loitering underfoot for any scraps that might fall whilst cooking. This is the reality of life and most of us would not have it any other way.

By understanding the reality of your family life and you home this is how I design. Each piece of work is bespoke to your family and your needs and wants from a space.

No 4

An Interior Designer will have a solid plan of action from build through to final styling

As an Interior Designer as well as being creative I hold 15 plus years of project management skills through the corporate roles I have held. These skills are vital to planning successful projects from start to finish, managing all the specific trades, and completing a renovation on time and in budget.

The other critical skill that I have is good communication. For each of the projects I am working on there is a weekly check in with the client and a follow up email for any decisions that have been made that week as a minimum. There is nothing worse than feeling in the dark about what is going on, what’s happening next, is the project on track?

I would say I spend about a third of my time on the actual design and the rest of sourcing products, services and project managing jobs. So, its not all playing with nice things.

Example of a project plan

No 5

An Interior Designer can save you time and money as they can source products and services (often at discounted rates)

As an Interior Designer I have access to many trade accounts from paint, to fabric, wallpaper, tiles, lighting, to furniture, décor pieces and more. By passing these discounts to my clients they are often able to save more by employing me as an Interior Designer than doing it all themselves.

The bonus – as well as saving you money – it also saves you time

Example of Savings made using an Interior Designer

So, what next?

If you'd like to find out more about my design services then please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can either drop me a direct email to or go ahead and grab a slot from my diary that works for you. I offer a free initial discovery call to all new clients.

If you'd like to read more about my work pop over to any of the social pages - links are at the top of the page.

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