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Bathroom Renovation - 3 become 1

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Its almost sounds like a Spice Girl song.

The original first floor bathroom at My Claybrick Home was made up of three seperate rooms - a small pokey toilet room (no sink) and a small room with a bath and sink, divided by an airing cupboard housing the boiler.

I would like to take you on the journey of how I converted these spaces into one large family bathroom.

The Design

By knocking the 3 rooms into one I was able to create a space 3.7m long and 1.6m wide with 2 windows for great light. With a new boiler installed and the option to move the toilet plumbing I was able to consider the space available, and its best function.

2D Floor Plan Design of Bathroom
Floor Plan Design

With a blank canvas and now only one door to contend with I initially designed in 2D to work out the placement of the key fixtures for the design. Once I had the 2D plan I then ‘raised the walls’ and started to work in 3D adding textures and décor pieces to bring the concept to life.

3D Bathroom Design Plan
3D Bathroom Plan

I had fallen in love with the Opus Morroccan tile from Karndean which meant I would keep the wall colour fairly simple with white on the mains walls, and dark grey on the feature wall behind the vanity unit. Rather than use tile in the shower area our builder recommended 'aqua board' which was easy to keep clean – no more scrubbing grout!

The final part of this design is the short ‘fly through’ video which I put together with each design. This is typically a 20-30 second video per room showcasing the whole space. By building through 2D then 3D you get to experience the layout, plus look and feel of the room before you need to ‘spend a penny’ (no pun intended 😊)

The Build

Working with a blank space the builder was able to re-plumb the toilet waste from under the small window at the end of the room into a more central position. This freed up space for the large vanity unit. The boiler was housed into a unit which has easy access for servicing.

The Finished Room

There is something very luxurious about having a new bathroom and being the first one to use the toilet and shower.I could have squeezed a bath into this space but I wanted it to feel open and spacious after having spend the last 12 years with a bathroom half the size, and now having 4 grow adults in the house.

I opted for a large shower at 1600 x 800mm and a double length sink unit which has tons of storage, and with 3 girls in the house we have plenty of lotions and potions to store.

The boiler cupboard provide storage for 48 loo rolls 😊 so I can buy in bulk and not have to think where do I store them. I am still toying with what to pop up at the windows but for now I am just letting the natural light flood in.

I used pops of mustard yellow in the towels to brighten the space. I love to keep bathroom spaces neutral and use styling accessories to change the space. When I get bored with mustard I can switch to a new colour with only the cost of the towels.

I also am obsessed with black wire baskets and display shelves which I typically pick up from H&M Home. The circular shelf unit came from Matalan which I have styled with fake plants from Sainsburys Home and TKMaxx. I struggle to remember to water plants that are upstairs so these are a great option for me.

Whats Next ?

If you are looking to renovate or even create a new bathroom space in your home then get in touch. I can create a concept design so that you can visualise the space before starting work.

Get in touch here to book a free initial chat

Check out this video of a concept design I completed for a family that wanted to add an ensuite into their bedroom space.


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