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Interior Design Services

Concept  - Lounge Living

Living Room
2D Perspective Design plan of adult lounge

The Space

A recently renovated 3.6m by 5m blank canvas room with newly fitted light grey carpet, white walls, white window shutters (on order) and a chimney breast (no working fire)

The Brief

Space for Mum and Dad to retreat to when young adult/teen(s) have friends over, and the adults need to "hide"


The Style


Bringing in texture - Mum loves peacock feathers

Use the alcove space each side of the fireplace for joinery - some enclosed, some open shelving

Use pops of colour (ochre/teal) bringing cohesion with use in the main family room

Utilise gold tones for warm

peacock feather closeup.jpg
Design Concept Images
Lounge perspective of main joinery wall with fireplace
Floor Plan key dimensions.JPG

Concept  - Main Bedroom

The Space

A quirky 7m long room with a width at its widest of 3.6m and 2.6m at its narrowest. Great natural light from 3 windows, with views out onto the garden. An 'unloved' blank canvas.

The Brief

Space for Mum and Dad to have away from 3 growing boys with plenty of storage plus also a sanctuary for rest and meditation.

The only furniture to remain in the room is a large queen size bed with dark grey frame.


The Style


The client would love to use a barnwood effect in the room, plus add natural textures.

Keeping the space uncluttered with storage space that can be shut away from view.

Concept Images.JPG
Perspective 5.JPG
Main Bedroom
Perspective 1.JPG
Family Bathroom

Concept  - Family Bathroom

The Space

Originally 3 smalls rooms knocked into one to create a space to create a room 3.7m by 1.6m with 2 windows for tons of natural light.

The Brief

Family bathroom for a family of 4 with plenty of space to store the lotions and potions for 3 females in the house.

Important to keep the space open after having come from a very cramped space. Large shower preferred over a bath.


The Style


Simple clean and white bathroom fixtures with colour and style added through bathroom towels, mirror, storage and shelving units.  Must have tile effect floor.

MCH Bathroom Perspective 2.JPG
MCH Bathroom Perspective.JPG
Floor Plan Perpective.JPG

Concept  - Family Kitchen

Perspetive 5.JPG
Perspective Plan marked with appliances.

The Space

U shaped kitchen with 2 internal doors leading off into other rooms. Measure 4m x 2.9m.

The Brief

Easy to clean space for a busy family. Improved cooking and baking appliances, with lots of storage for all the baking tins.


The Style


Modern clean lines kitchen with space to display feature items.

No fussy handles or dirt trap door profiles.

Perspective 1.JPG
Elevevation 1.JPG
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