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Rug Room Guide

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Rugs are used in most rooms in a home and choosing the right size rug for your space needs careful thought and measurement.

Remember the saying measure twice and cut once, well measure twice and buy once.

General Rules

Follow these rules and you won't go wrong when selecting a rug for your space.

1. Go Big, if you play it safe and go small your space will look small and disjointed.

2. Plan carefully

3. Measure once then measure again

4. Get some expert know-how

5. Always remember a rug can be a trip hazard

Top Tip If you’re not convinced about the size of the rug then measure out your desired size and mark with painter's masking tape to get a sense of how it will feel. Leave this on your floor for a few days (if possible) to see how you use and feel about the space. Imagine yourself stepping on and off the rug.

Lounge Rugs

There are 3 options when choosing a rug for your lounge.

Option 1 Choose a rug which fits under your sofa, chairs and coffee table with 6" all round

Option 2 Choose a rug that follows the rules of 2 legs off and 2 legs on (seating arrangment)

Option 3 (if no other choice) choose a rug that fits only under the coffee table plus 3-4" and match to the shape of your coffee table.

Photo Credit: Instagram @brabbu

Dining Room Rugs

A dining rug is like marmite - love it or hate it.

If you love it, choose a rug that fits under the table and chairs - when the chairs are fully extended. If like me you have a table that extends take this into consideration when selecting your rug size.

Chose a stain resistant material - wool is forgiving, but sisal,juke and seagrass will drink up a glass of red wine quickly so be sure to have a pot of stain remover in easy reach.

Photo Credit: Instagram @templeandwebster

Bedroom Rugs

A rug in a bedroom is always about having soft and comfortable texture underfoot when you roll out of bed – especially in the depths of winter. It maybe dark and cold outside but who wants to wake up to a cold floor.

The rug is dictated by the size of the bed.

For a standard UK 3ft single bed choose a rug min 2m x 2m

For a standard UK 4ft 6" double bed choose a rug min 2.5m x 2m

For a standard UK 5ft king size bed choose a rug min 3m x 2.5m

By following these sizes the rug should fit under the whole bed and bedside tables. If you want to opt for smaller rugs then choose runners for each side of the bed.

Please be extra careful if you place a rug in an awkward space as it will be a trip hazard at 3am when you wake up and need the bathroom.

Photo Credit: Instagram @southshorecolonial

Children Bedroom & Nursery Rugs

For any child’s room I would max out the rug size to the size of the room where possible avoiding any door openings for wardrobes and doorways.

A rug in a bedroom gives so much space for play while keeping warm and cosy.

If you allow drinks and snacks in bedrooms then opt for wool or an easy to clean rugs for spills.

Go wild with colour and pattern to promote a cheerful and loving space.

A rug is a must in a nursey at 2am when are woken up for the night-time feed. Let’s be honest it’s all about the comfort at that time of the night and having something soft and warm underfoot.

If you are getting a nursery ready for a new baby and unsure on gender then go for neutral colours but be playful with patterns.

Photo Credits: Instagram: @designkidsrooms_com

Outdoor Rugs

An outdoor rug is typically made from polypropylene which is a plastic like material which can withstand wear and tear, dries quickly and does not rot. I use an outdoor rug on both my deck area with my comfy seating, and on my patio dining area. As with a rug in the home it zones the space and adds some flair. I chose a reversible pattern on both rugs so depending on my mood I can flip between colour options.

Although these rugs are designed to be left outside all year round, I do roll mine up for winter once thoroughly dry and put away. Part of the fun of spring then is unrolling and resetting up the outside space.

Photo credit: Instagram @my_grey_place

Still confused ?

If you need help selecting the right rug for your home drop me a comment below or an email to

You can book a free online discovery chat on a day and time that works for you by clicking here.

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