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Polka and Dalmation Dot

Polka dots, or Dalmation dots, can be seen throughout home design in 2020. Whether you are looking to add in small doses, or revamp a full room the simple black and white spot can bring drama and geometry to any room.

Dots come in many sizes and in many mediums - wallpaper, soft furnishings, lighting and decor pieces to name a few.

If you are just starting to think "how can I use dots in my room" maybe a new notebook from Not on the High Street could be your starting inspiration. Alternatively you could read on to for more ideas on how and where the simple dot could be added to your home

Decorating with Dots

One of my favourite ways to decorate with dots is on a feature wall - maybe behind a desk space or behind open book shelves.

You can odd dots the easy way or the hard way. One takes a lot of love and devotion, the other a roll of wallpaper and a packet of paste. I certianly don't have the patience to paint each dot by hand, plus I am not very tall so the dots might not make it to the ceiling.

If you're not quite ready for a whole wall of dots how about some feature art. Either make your own by popping a sample of wallpaper into a frame, or picking up a poster online.

From left to right:

Wallpaper from World of Wallpaper £13.99 per roll

Art from from £20

Soft Furnishings

When it comes to soft furnishings you can go the full hog with dots or just keep it simple to one item in your room. When using spotty bed linen a stratgeically placed throw can be used to break up a sea of dots, or you can layer more dots with curtains and cushions. You can also mix your dot sizes for added interest.

From left to right:

Bed linen frm Habitat starting from £20 for a single set

Hand and Bath towels from DKNY at Debenhams starting from £15 to £35

Reversible Curtains from Dunelm from £55 (3 sizes available)


How about getting dotty about lighting and adding a new light shade or table lamp. Each of the items shown below are very reasonable priced and could be swapped out when you are ready to move to stripes or a new trend.

From left to right:

Lamp Shade from Asda £12

Round Pendant Light from Habitat £7

Table Lamp from Asda £12

Home Accessories

If you are looking to be more subtle with your use of dots how about using the shape but not neccessarily the spot. I am loving this candle from Cos, plus I am so happy that Mutto dot handles are now availablt to buy in the UK. (happy dance happening)

From left to right:

Dot Pulls from Mutto at Heals £89

Set of 3 storage boxes from Habitat £20

Candle from Cos £25

Styling Services

One of the services that I offer is home styling which for you could be taking a trend like 'spots' and working with you to introduce into your home. As part of this service I provide a fixtures and fittings shopping list with links, prices, images and dimensions that are tailored to your budget.

If you would like the fixtures and fittings list for the items featured in this blog please drop me a comment, or an email to and I would be happy to send over to you.

Last Comment

When researching a trend there are so many great resources available and one of my favourite places to browse is Pinterest. Feel free to follow my polka dot board over on my pinterest page for more inspiration and ideas.

Prices taken from web sites on 3rd September 2020.

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