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Living Room - Design to Reality

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

I had the pleasure of working on a living room design for a local family in late summer 2020. They had recently moved into a home that had been renovated by the seller and where left with a lot of white walls.

I worked on two room designs - the living room and the boys den. I'll write another day about the den but I wanted to share the living room design with you.

The adult lounge is a designated space for Mum and Dad away from their two growing sons. The room is over 5m long and almost 4m wide,with a standard ceiling height for a UK home, but for a man over 6ft always feels a little low. There is a chimney breast centre along the main feature wall with a working chimney if the family decided they wanted to add a fire grate and hearth.

It was a blank white box.

The only elements that the family had for the room were two ‘Imogen’ midnight indigo sofas that had been purchased from The Lounge Co ,a light grey carpet and white window shutters.

The design

Using the feedback from the visit questionnaire and armed with my laser measure I built a picure of the design influences, alongside a scaled plan of the room and the functional needs for the space. The mum has a love of peacock feathers and I used this influence to start the design.

Design board of ideas for the living room design focused around peacock feathers and colours
Design Influences featuring peacock feathers

Using Sketchup I then built up the concept design from a 2D layout up into a 3D design including a fly through video. The use of these short videos really helps clients be able to stand in the space and understand how the room will look and feel.

I also created a digital fixtures and fittings board which showcased items to style the space with, and provided them with a shopping list of links and prices. Where trade discounts were available I passed these onto the client.

A design board which features decor pieces to be included within the scheme
Digital Fixtures & Fittings Board

Before & afters

The room is almost finished, just some final decor pieces to add, but the client is so happy with her new room that she shared some photos with me. After some initial persuasion she has also come to love the use of gold, over her favoured silver, and sees how it warms the space up.

I can't wait to see the room in the flesh once we are able to go into each others homes for social reasons once more.

The client wrote these lovely words......

“Vicky is helping us design some of the rooms in our new house. Honestly her ideas and vision has been amazing we are going off in directions I never thought we would!! Loving every minute of it. I have already made a couple of purchases from her recommendations and can’t wait to see the rooms coming together over the next couple of months. Anyone redesigning rooms and need some inspiration Vicky is your lady!!”

Find out more.....

If this post has inspired you to think about your living room space and how it could look and feel but your not sure where to start, then get in touch.

I offer a free no obligation initial chat to talk about your space and the services that I offer. If you'd like to book a call then complete your details here

If you'd like to see more of my design work then click here.

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