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Indoor Refreshment Trolley (aka Bar)

Wall Mounted Pallet Bar
Wall Mounted Pallet Bar

Garden Bars were a huge trend for the summer of 2020 as families were forced home due to COVID-19. On all my local selling and freebay social sites wooden pallets were being snapped up by DIY enthusiasts looking to create the perfect home bar.

There was no end to the immagination of what could be achieved with a pallet - whether it was a wall mounted bar, a standlone bar, or a full walk-in bar area.

Then came the challenge of what to name your bar. Do you go for the simple and straight to the point 'The Bar', Dad's Bar or [Insert name] Watering hole. Drop a comment below if you named your bar - I would love to hear your name.

The Trolley Bar

As we move into the Autumn season, here in the UK, the trend for a 'drinking station' or trolley bar has moved inside. The trolley bar comes in all sorts of shapes and designs - round, rectangular, glass tops, mirror or marble shelves, wood and metal - from Art Deco to Industrial there is an option for most homes.

If you don't want to opt for a trolley there are plenty of options with tray tables which are light enough to also be moved from room to room. For me, it has to be the tray table from Farthing with the blue top (as shown below). This fits perfectly with the style of my kitchen and family space - the room where when 'guests' come over we partake in a drink or two.

From left to right below:

Oliver Bonas Metallic Brass with Glass Shelves £225

Dunelm Antique Brass with Mirrored Trays £149

Atkin & Thyme Brass Plated with Marble Shelves £349

Farthing Burnished Gold with Blue Tray £79.99

Williston Forge at Wayfair Wood and Metal (includes 2 baskets) £219.99

Abigail Hern Gold Metal £75 (Store Only)

Bar Accessories

No bar is complete without stylish accessories and of course your tipple of choice. I am more of a cocktail drinker so its all about the shaker and ice bucket, as well as the tacky umberella's and silly straws. I love the lemon wedge bottle opener (as shown below) from Anthropologie.

From left to right below:

Oliver Bonas Bar Light £95

Oliver Bonas Initial Coaster £8 each

Royal Design Glass Cocktail Shaker Gold Lid £24

Not on the High Street Brushed Brass Cocktail Shaker £75

Anthropologie Agate Stone and Brass Plated Edge Coasters £14 each

Anthropologie Lemon Slice Bottle Opener £8

Bar Books

There are hundreds of books on how to make cocktails plus plenty of phone App's too. If I was to opt for a book I'd grab The Drunken Botanist from Amy Stewart but here are a few of my favs.

Please drink responsibly.

If you create your own indoor bar I would love to hear about it. Check out my social pages for my bar as it progresses over the next few weeks.

*All prices as of 4th September 2020

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