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How to use spring colours in your home

Living in the UK we are blessed by the four seasons of the year and how nature adapts in each of those seasons bringing new colours and changes to the light. Now don't get me wrong I could happily skip straight past the 'rainy' season, but to be honest it can happen at any point in the year. I guess rain is just part of being a Brit - plus it gives us something to talk, and moan about.

Spring is a time for fresh new energy as nature starts to burst into life after being in its winter hiberation. The early frosts are starting to disappear and I even have a solo snowdrop peeking through in my garden, in early Feb. I am sure in no time it will be surrounded by other flowers.

The daylight is gently warming up, and the energy is more upbeat and optimistic as new life starts to grow. Its hard to think about being energetic and upbeat whilst the UK is in its 3rd Covid lockdown but the optimism being generated by over 10million vaccinations being given out, is reason enough.

Using spring colours in your home

To understand the colours of spring take a look outside to the colours of the early spring flowers, and the layers of green foilage that they sit amongst. These colours form the basis on a spring colout palette. The palette is light, perky and fresh but not overly saturated, ie too bright.

If these colours resonate with you check out a couple of the rooms below to see you can use them in your home.

Spring Blues

For painted walls consider Farrow & Ball 'Pale Powder' with accents of 'Lullworth blue'.

For simple furniture consider the Partick sofa in 'Powder pink' or 'Sealion' fabric from accessoried with cushions made from plain and floral prints.

Here are some examples of spring fabric prints, all available from Jane Clayton.

From left to right;

Spring Greens

For painted walls consider Edward Bulmer 'Celadon' with accents of 'Rose'

For a statment bed check out the Knox upholstered pink vevlet bed from Dreams. Team with Woods Fine Linen Padova Duvet Cover and layer with plain cushions picking out the colours from the linen.

For examples of lighting that you could use. From left to right.

Need Help

If you are feeling nervous or overwhelmed with where to start with Spring colours in your home then get in touch. I offer a colour and concept service which is a great starting point to understand how you can bring these colours into your home.

If you'd like to know more then please pop your details here.

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