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How to define your style

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

As an Interior Designer I am often asked "what's your style?'

Well, here it is.

My style is easy modern with a twist of industrial and statement design. I like the contrast between light and dark, as well as injections of colours through fabrics and ceramics. Maximising natural light is imprortant to me and if its lacking I love to add statement lighting.

I want my furniture to be comfy and dependable with soft tactile textures and simple wooden or metal frames, layering sofas with cushions and throws. I like to mix materials in furnitures pieces, wooden, stone or glass tops on metal frames. My preference is for geometric patterns, I do like a floral if it has a quirky twist - think monkeys in trees. I love one off art and ceramic pieces that not only make a statement but have a true connection and meaning.

How do you define your own style

Step 1

Grab a pad and a pen and spend a few minutes in each room of your home asking yourself "what do you love in your space?" Jot down anything that you love.

Consider: colours, shapes, arm and chair leg shapes, colour and textures, formal versus casual ? textures ? patterns? scale of items ? sentimental items? fun prints?

Step 2

Create a board of images that you love. If you use Pinterest this is a great place to start. I would recommend up to 50 images maxiumum. Once you have chosen the images the look at the detail of the image to identify why you chose it. Get into the real detail of the picture.

For example, I chose this image for the large expanse of natural light in the room, the casual form of the sofa with plenty of cushions, the mix material coffee table plus the texture rug making the space feel warm.

It's okay to choose an image if there is only one element that you really love. Its about identifying what that one thing is.

If on refelection there is nothing you really love about the image then remove it from your board.

Step 3

Using your notes from step one pull out any common themes. For me, it was natural light, statement light, textures of architectural details, the industrial look, geometric prints, one off ceramics and art that had meaning, being comfy on a large sectional sofa and having space for all the family to lay about.

This will help you identify your style.

Need help?

If this all sounds too daunting and you would like help identifying your style then get in touch. By knowing your style, alongside colour preferences, when you are out an about or browsing online you'll be able to make quicker and more assured purchases for your home.

Drop me a message here if you would like help and we can set up a free initial chat.

If you'd like to find out more about the services I offer then click here.

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