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Colour Inspiration from Nature

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Did you get a chance to watch David Attenborough's programme on BBC1 called Life in Colour?

If not, go back and check it out. A recent episode was all about why animals skin and coats are a certain colour.

I was inspired by the Cuban Painted Snail.

No two are the same, and their colour comes from their diet.

Their predators are on the search for a specific image (colour/shape) and with the different colours of the snail they don't get recognised, and therefore eaten.

I bet your thinking - I thought this was an interior designers blog post :) Well it is........

The colours of these painted snails provide inspiration for rooms in our home.

Pale Blue Kitchen

Compare the pale blue and cream cuban painted snail in the photo above to the kitchen design below.

Loving these pale blue (almost grey) cabinets with marbled countertops. The glass fronted upper cabinets provide not only more light in the room, reflecting from the window, but allow the home owner to showcase their collection of white china, and glass.

The counter stool tops then pick up the central colour of the snails coiled shell.

TIP - If you are going to opt for glass front cabinets be sure to 'display' your items and not cram with the 100's of random items, especially sports bottles with or without lids!

Black and White Bathroom

From the simplicity of the black and white painted snail, comes the simple and elegant black and white bathroom. The black taps, lighting and brackets for the shelf, mixed with the natural wood materials and the white ceramic bath provide a simple elegance to the space.

Orange Inspired Living Room

The orange/yellow colour combinations can be used to either inspire a light moden room with a muted orange pulled out in the sofa and teemed with lighter walls and decor pieces. Or it can be used as a darker orange for a moodier space - using dark grey (almost black) on the walls, and using large plants to give the space drama.

I hope you are feeling as inspired by the colour of nature as I am.

Want to know more?

If you would like help to use colour in your home then why not get in touch. I offer a free initial online chat for all clients. You can book a slot that works for you by clicking on this link.

I offer a colour and concept service which you can read more about here.

I'd love to hear your feedback on this post so please drop me a comment or a heart below.

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