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Hallway Ideas

I love this quote from the American poet and Civil Rights Activist Maya Angelou and I think it feels very apt when I think about the hallway or entrance space that is used to welcome visitors into our homes.

The first impressions, and the welcome, that you give guests to your home will set the tone for how they feel about you and your space.

I know my hallway floor is often covered by 'our shoe shop' as my girls (plus I am guilty of this too) kick off shoes when we come home and never tidy them away. Imagine if a visitor came to our home and had to clamber over discarded smelly trainers - I don't think they'd feel very welcome.

As well as being the first welcome into a home for me an entrance way also has two other purposes - storage and the 'check out'.

Lets take a look at these three hallway 'challenges'

The Welcome

What feeling do you want to give your visitors when they enter your home?

I had the opportunity recently to put together, for a couple looking to change up their hallway, a colour and concept digitial design. The brief was “comfortable, welcoming, fresh and light”.

Comfortable to me always conjures up images of an old pair of faithful jeans that never let you down.

This is the digital board that I created which brings together both colour and the concept ideas for the space.

From this concept design I then put together the final finishes board which looks at the fabrics, flooring, and textures for the space, as well as the metal elements which in this case were for the lighting.

With all finishes board I either then pass onto the client, or depending on location, drop in the post so that the client can see the materials in the flesh.

The Check out (ie the hallway mirror)

Any interior designer will tell you putting a mirror on a wall will reflect light around a space, to make that space feel larger. This is just as true in a hallway but for me the main purpose of a mirror is the 'check out'. Before heading out of the door the final chance to check hair, makeup (the very limited times I wear any), teeth for any lunchtime leftovers and generally ensuring I am leaving the house in a fit state.

If you are looking for mirror inspiration in your home check out four of my current favourites available online.

From left to right, top to bottom

Large Window Pane Mirror from Graham and Green

Overlapping diamonds mirror from West Elm

Marina Mirror from Maisons du monde

Bergen Mirror from Maisons du monde

The Storage

Every hall needs storage. Whether thats for shoes, coats, bags, keys, or all of the random items that are found in pockets. If space allows I would opt for a seperate console table with drawers, plus seperate shoe storage and hooks for handing coats, bags and umbrellas.

If you have an understair space consider having that kitted out for storage for all those pairs of shoes.

f you are looking for console table inspiration check out four of my current favourites available online.

From left to right, top to bottom

Steel frame with marble top from West Elm

Green PU with gold frame from Homary

Rosa console by World Menagerie from Wayfair

Denver console from Danetti

Whats Next

I hope this blog has given you some new ideas for your hallway.

If you'd like to find out more about the colour and concept digital board I offer, or any other services please click here.

Or if you'd like to book a free initial chat to talk about your hall drop me your details here.

If you have enjoyed this blog post you might want to check out more blogs about styling in your home. You can find them here.

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