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3 Steps to the Best Fitted Wardrobes & Storage Solutions for you

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Large Wardrobe with 3 Sliding Doors in a bedroom
Large Wardrobe with 3 Sliding Doors

During the lockdown of 2020 due to COVID-19, one of the top 3 home renovations was (and continues to be) fitted wardrobes and updating storage.

It started almost immediatley with the big declutter and home re-organisation as families were put into lockdown. If you weren't decluttering, you were baking, home schooling or trying to set up a home office for work.

I saw posts on social media every day, and still see posts over 12 months on, asking for recommendations for local businesses, looking for ideas or asking for price guides

Master Bedroom

At My Claybrick Home I used A&L Interiors Ltd (based in Rochford, Essex) to build and fit the wardrobes in all of our bedrooms. For our main bedroom I chose Nebraska Oak with bronze sliders and handles.

Each fitted wardrobe was built floor to ceiling, and even worked around an existing chimney which comes up through the bedroom. I have a mix of shelving and long & short hanging which I worked around the items I needed to store. I also went a step further and had side tables made from the same material as the space on one side of the bed was much narrower that the other.

Storage Requirements

Having the right storage to fit your needs is the most important factor when having bespoke units made, to ensure you end up with a solution thats right for you. Here are the steps I would always work through with a client when considering new wardrobes or storage space

Step 1: Have a clear out/declutter

I work on a 6 month principal (except for seasonal items) - if I have not worn or used it in the last 6 months can in be sold, donated or recyled. This excludes my ski wear and paddleboarding kit as I know I only use these in winter and summer months.

Now, I know that some clients will struggle with actually parting with items but I still suggest the same approach but the items that would be sold, donated or recycled removed from the storage space - maybe pop in the loft or a garage/shed. If after a further 6 months you have not missed, or gone to find an item in this pile, then its time to take action.

If a client is really struggling I also ask them to consider: if you can replace it within a 5-10 mile radius for less than £20 is it worth keeping.

Step 2: Organise what you have left

Group items together so that you can see how much space these items will take up: Shoes, Boots, Bags, Short and long hanging items, folded clothes, accessoires. The list goes on......

Now, the home organisation guru's will tell you to use the same hangers for all items as it saves space. I never believed this until I tried it - it really works. Don't go out and buy matching hangers at this stage but group similar items together with the same type of hanger. In my hanging wardrobe I pop all of my short sleeve tops of the same style of hanger, all my jackets/coats onto the same style of hanger etc etc

Step 3: Measure

With your items grouped now measure how much hanging space - short and long - that you need. I would always then add 10-15% to allow for any new purchases before you declutter again in 12 months time.

For your flat storage take the same appraoch. If you fold your t-shirts how much space do you need for a stack of 6-8 t-shirts - I know that the space needed to store my size 8 (UK) daughters clothes are very different to the space I need (insert large size !) for mine.

These measurements a designer can then build into the design for the wardrobe units and a clients get exactly what they need.

Storage Design

Using Sketch Up I can design cupboards and/or wardrobes to fit your exact space from the initial overview of the space, through to the internal design of each cupboard.

This is an idea I am working on for the master bedroom as a drawer unit with an integrated desk. I currently have 2 leftover Ikea drawer units as part of the house move, but I am now ready to invest in a bespoke drawer unit in Nebraska oak to match the wardrobes.

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more about how I could help you with your storage and wardrobe challenges get in touch for a free consultation. You can book a free online initial chat by clicking on this link.

If you'd like to read more about the different services that I offer click here

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